3Line Design is a global, strategically oriented, full-service creative & marketing communications and sales & operations agency providing world-class services to clients in all industries. The agency was founded by a team of seasoned industry veterans who have experience in major markets across North America, South America, Asia, and Europe and who have worked with many international brands at multinational companies to establish diverse programs in various segments.


3Line Design is a comprehensive and diversified services company, from brand strategy, design, and new product introduction to sales and marketing… and beyond. We assist our clients through all stages of strategic development, including marketing strategy guidance, brand building, commercial printing, and multimedia design. 3Line Design provides superior and unique visual image design and can accurately cooperate with the implementation, in order to create a positive strategy and design great vision.

For each project, we are able to provide strategic recommendations and innovative approaches to tailor-fit solutions for each customer. This approach allows us to create not only a new brand experience every time, but also unlimited business opportunities. We are very proud of the details of our handling and personalized service, and in each project, continue to go beyond innovation by exceeding customer expectations and establishing long-term relationships.

Since 2006, we have crafted holistic brand, product and service solutions for our global customers by transforming their business strategies into brand values that are tangible and can be experienced by their customers. We question the status quo and allow for the extraordinary.

As an award-winning, international brand and design agency, we can help free your strengths within different areas along the value chain. Using our integrated approach and a strong sense of what is feasible, we sharpen your eyes towards the whole with special attention towards the details.

We have worked with the world's leading brands – Disney Consumer Products, McDonald's, GODIVA, Costco, Good City Supermarkets, Langer Beverage Food Group, King's Hawaiian Hawaii Food Group, Bank of America, DreamWorks, DreamWorks Animation, Jeep, Nintendo, CATALO Home Road, Kinpo Group XYZprinting Group 3D Printer – and other industry leaders, and have been active in various industries, such as luxury, fashion, food, beverage, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics, education, agricultural products, toys, fitness equipment, semiconductors, chemical industry, hotels and tourism, restaurants, wine and so on.

We are committed to giving the product and brand new life.

We listen to your needs, and based on our many years of marketing experience and expertise, pave the way for your success. Your success is our success.

ADDRESS: 23 Mauchly #109, Irvine CA 92618 (949) 788-1588

We love what we do.

We continue to break through our limits and are keen to propose innovative solutions to complex problems. Our work is our pride, we put our hearts into each project. Our team has a multitude of professionals dedicated to 3Line Design’s amazing performance. At 3Line Design, our principle is simple: to challenge ourselves, to create exclusive and effective programs for our customers, and to be the first and only stop for our clients' success. We focus on strategy, clear communication, one-on-one understanding of your goals, budget, timing, and expectations through effective surveys, effectively reaching your goals.


3 Core Pillars

We build a strong strategic process around three core pillars: Engaging Solutions, Brand Focused Design, and Customer Motivation.


Conceptual and Precision

3Line Design's philosophy is based on strategic development and superior design, and belief that a successful design is based on a solid concept of development and precise and effective implementation. Our work combines the excellence of creativity and accurate execution, so that we win the customer’s and the industry's high praise. We have a process of creative development and investigation, so that we meet the requirements of customers with the brand positioning and design.

ADDRESS: 23 Mauchly #109, Irvine CA 92618 (949) 788-1588