Do you want to enter the US and multinational markets? Do you need a professional, experienced, honest, professional, and knowledgeable marketing, branding and design professional in a diversified industry? Are you looking for a professional marketing team with a strong knowledge of Chinese and Western cultures and cross-border market information and consumer culture? 3Line Design will provide you with cross-cultural consulting, marketing strategy and marketing plan, brand development and management, network operations and product marketing, such as all-round marketing services.

We have the characteristics of the product for the principle of clear customer marketing strategy, and then plan "into the market" strategy to help customers implement the management of marketing strategy. We are a practical company, striving to ensure that customers provide a good product, the right people, precision marketing strategies and implementation of plans to increase customer profitability.



  • Research and analysis
  • Brand view, strategy, design development
  • Brand performance, activation, and management
  • Identification / image design
  • Graphic design
  • Website and multimedia design
  • Exhibition design
  • Interior and Space Design
  • Product design

  • Introduction of new markets
  • Acquisition survey
  • Turnover period
  • Marketing Strategy Plan
  • Packaging plant management
  • Packaging plant assessment
  • Brand design and brand positioning
  • Team adjustment and reconstruction
  • Sales Growth Strategy and Execution
  • E-commerce, mobile digital sites, linked supermarkets, natural organic stores, mass malls, clubs, drug stores, convenience stores, food service distributors and freighters.

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We are an international company with seasoned professionals from multinational and multicultural backgrounds. We are a practical company, striving to ensure that customers provide a good product, the right people, precision marketing strategies and implementation of plans to increase customer profitability.


Co-Founder, Chief Creative and Marketing Principal

Amy is a co-founder and executive director of 3Line Design and has 20 years of experience in branding and design, marketing operations, web marketing and web development. Across her strong and diverse work background, she has created a number of stunning projects. Amy is an energetic, communicative, and talented leader who is capable of acting quickly and effectively, inspiring team potential, integrating cross-disciplinary talent, and building strong customer relationships. She has led many teams to rapid growth and increased efficiency and is the key to the success of the entire department.

Prior to amassing more than 16 years as a creative professional, she started in publication design at Guest Informant and at pioneering design studios like April Greiman and Art Center Design Studio. Subsequently, she progressed to top-tier entertainment services (Disney, DreamWorks, etc.), advertising, culinary art, marketing, toys, food and beverages, healthy and beauty, packaging, video games, and education.


Co-Founder, Chief Creative and Marketing Principal

Glen is a veteran executive creative and marketing principal with 20 years professional experience in branding, graphic design, print, marketing, packaging, and interactive in an array of industries from the corporate world to the studio design agency. He has an extensive background in creating compelling projects that map to business objectives and results.

A testament to his versatility is his repertoire, which spans from managing a staff of artists, to approving all works from pre-production to post-production stages, to mentoring, training and developing the creative team in design, production, marketing, process, etc.


Director of Global Marketing and Sales

Mr. Dunn has proven leadership skills in a fast-paced, rapid-growth environment in midsized companies with sales approaching 100 million dollars. Michael has successfully managed an entrepreneur-owned company through a private equity acquisition, creating a platform company with two additional acquisitions within a 10 -month period. He is an energetic and creative marketing and sales professional with a proven track record in achieving exceptional results. Michael is successful at motivating and inspiring people to exceed expectations and has demonstrated expertise in a wide variety of functional areas; including:

  • Trade Marketing Managment
  • Broker Management Retail and Club Stores
  • International Distributor and Trade Show experience
  • Executive Management experience dealing directly with Private Equity firms
  • P&L and Operational Responsibility
  • Food Service - Sysco, US Foodservice, Restaurants
  • Retail–Corporate headquarter and regional independents sales marketing responsibility
  • National Account Management Wal-Mart ,Target, Costco, Sam’s Contract packing

Director of Global Sales

With over 25 years of senior leadership experience in the foods business, Jim offers a rare combination of performance in both strategic vision and operational execution. He has led companies and divisions to rapid increases in sales and profits both through organic growth and through highly targeted acquisitions. For organic growth, Jim has demonstrated a gift for introducing new brands, products and line extensions designed from consumer input and understanding. On the acquisition side he has shown incisive acumen in identifying, negotiating for and then incorporating strategically fitting companies a means of expanding revenues and broadening the parent firm’s consumer base.

Over the course of his career Mr. Lanzillo has acquired several food companies and has developed a strong reputation for building businesses across borders and cultures. His fluency in Spanish, 10 years of living in Mexico and 35 years of doing business in Mexico, Latin America and Asia, coupled with his close relationships and extensive knowledge of both the retail and foodservice sectors in the U.S., provide exceptional and unique qualifications for acquiring food companies and developing brands and Sales / Distribution networks for Ethnic, Natural and Specialty products in the U.S. market and Mexico.


Director of Creative


Director of Global Accounts


Strategic Consultant and Scientist


Strategic Marketing Consultant


Director of Print Operations

ADDRESS: 27 Mauchly #208, Irvine CA 92618 (949) 788-1588