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our work is insightful, inspired and never frivolous. we're proud of the work we do and the company we keep.

Developing a unique and motivating positioning for a brand is critical to its success. One of our strengths is unearthing the characteristics that make a brand unique and lift it above the competition. That is only the beginning of the strategic know-how we bring to our clients. We offer a full range of services including quantitative and qualitative design testing, and feasibility and innovation studies.

There are many different forms a brand identity project can take - from developing a new or refreshing an old corporate identity, to consumer product identity work. Normally, an identity project is part of a larger design initiative. This step is one we handle very carefully and with great respect for where a brand has come from and where it needs to go.

Package design is what our agency was built on and it is truly our first love. It's the fastest and most cost-effective way for a company to sell its brand. We have developed numerous products from scratch-from positioning and naming to packaging design and in-store support. Many of our projects also fall into the realm of a brand refresh. These often require the most care - peeling back layers to reveal key abilities while stretching the boundaries to give each brand aspirational cues.

All too often we see an agency that creates design that cannot be produced - either due to production or cost issues. One of our strengths is production expertise and designing with the end in mind. That doesn't mean that we play it safe, we absolutely push the limits of our industry to give our clients unique, but always-producible design.

Our design department spans many disciplines, and on any given day we may be working on a host of unique projects including: in-store marketing support, print design, collateral design and environmental graphics to name a few.

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